Newcomb Lawn Care & Landscaping is a Landscape Designer in Lowell, IN

Newcomb Lawn Care & Landscaping is a landscape designer in Lowell, IN that focuses on giving customers the very best service in transforming your outdoor property into a green dreamscape. We are specialized landscapers, deck builders, brick patio installers, and more to contribute to the elegant design of your new landscape arrangements. Beautiful hardscape items really bring out the definition of your outdoor areas and provide you with places to sit and socialize. 

For lawn care services, we trim your grass and use the best fertilization for growth boosts. We also install hardscape pathways and patios to enhance the look of your property. When the snow settles in during the winter months, you don't want all that ice covering up your beautiful landscaping, so we offer snow removal services to remove any obstruction from your yard and driveway. 

For the best-looking landscaping you will ever have, contact Newcomb Lawn Care & Landscaping today for a consultation with a professional landscape company!


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  • We Cover All Landscaping Services Including Hardscaping and Patios!
  • We Have 10+ Years of Experience!
  • We Are A Family Owned Business!

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  • Northwest Indiana
  • Chicago, IL
  • Lake County, IL